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Things the World Should Learn from Japan: Equality

2019/05/31   -Opinion

Back to Japan I was on a return flight from a brief visit to my hometown, New York City.  So fo ...

Things the World Should Learn from Japan: Peace

2019/04/18   -Opinion

The So-called Unassailable Concept of Peace Speaking of “unassailable concepts”, there are innumerab ...

What the World Could Learn About Japan: Honor

2019/04/18   -Opinion

What is Honor? One can hardly speak for long about Japanese history and culture without mentioning t ...

Things the World Could Learn from Japan: Introduction

2019/04/18   -Opinion

Surprise? Much of the factual information in this blog should come as no new revelation to people li ...

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Good Things About Japan... Just The Beginning!

2019/03/13   -Opinion

So here I am all excited to hear that the G.T.A. Japan videos are finally going up on YouTubeVR.&nbs ...

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