Things the World Could Learn from Japan: Introduction



Much of the factual information in this blog should come as no new revelation to people living in or even having visited Japan for more than a season.  It is immediately apparent from the moment one gets off of the plane that Japan is a peaceful, quiet and clean country.  But I’d like to point out a thing or two, not only regarding those inarguably Good Things About Japan, but some of my personal insights as to why.  This, because I truly believe the world could and should learn much from them.  Particularly, at this time of seemingly worldwide heightened personal conflict, political contention and civil unrest.

The Spirit of Japan

What surprises me most about Japan is not so much how different things are culturally but how very similar the people are to people from any other country even so.  I guess I was initially expecting Japanese people to be a nation of modern-day gurus that had life all figured out and therefore were able to achieve a level of excellence in civility and tact that makes Americans like myself appear as little more than cavemen by comparison.  But that is not the case exactly.  In my opinion, there is one major impetus that lies at the heart of Japan and Japanese culture from which all within the following list of things the world should learn about Japan springs.  I refer to that thing as the “spirit of Japan”.   

A Lesson to the West

This blog post is therefore an accounting of more than just those obviously desirable things, but a collection of insights into how they more or less directly originate from the aforementioned spirit of Japan.  Perhaps in this way, it will be unnecessary to engage in the futile exercise of defining such unassailable concepts as spirit as it should be evident by way of demonstration.  Hopefully, to such end that this spirit of Japan will present a more accessible lesson to the West… and even the world over.

By Justin T. Reed


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